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General Information

Web Estate Agents offers ready-made professional websites completely installed with quality domain names and hosting. Our websites are turn-key or move in today (within 24 hours) and come with an extensive array of features at no additional cost. Whether it's an e-commerce only shop or an educational site we have something for you. If you need a professional blog or a coaching platform, Web Estate Agents almost certainly has a solution. Look through our current inventory and ask us about your needs.

Fire Your Web Designer!

Unlike just picking out a theme, hiring a web designer, and hoping your website will be ready on time, we offer pre-built professional websites for immediate access. You can even see the actual site, already hosted on the actual domain name, ready for you to move in today. There's no demo site or waiting on a web designer, no fiddling with domain name servers and hoping to get it right. It's all done for you now. Just move in and add your own content today!

Here's all you do:

  1. Pick out the site with the domain name that suits your business needs.
  2. Establish the rental/management package subscription.
  3. Get the keys (login and password) to your new home (website) and move in.

It's as easy as, well... one, two, three!

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Our Websites

All websites offered by Web Estate Agents are built on the powerful, and highly popular, WordPress content management system (CMS), the best available website core foundation. WordPress features ease of use, excellent SEO, and top level security, along with an extensive list of expansion options. We have pre-configure each site with a range of options and features and will adjust these to your specific needs when you move in. We also provide ongoing personal support (see below).

The sites we offer include premium commercial or custom themes, pre-configured plugins, and all websites feature the Wiz's built-in WordPress training videos and online documentation manual which provides an easy to use online interface for learning about your website by yourself.

Of course, you are never on your own. Our standard management package not only provides behind-the-scenes support on issues like core updates, backups, plugin management, and more, we also provide up to one hour per month of technical service to support you in your site use. This alone is with the price of the rental package. And we are always available for as many email questions as you have to deal with site issues and provide guidance and support as you grow your business around your website.

For those needing to sell merchandise online, you may choose one of two available top performance shopping carts with an extensive range of features and options. Selling real goods? Shipping options abound. Got digital goods? No problem. Secure file handling is available. Need affiliate support? It's available, too. Professional services? Bookings? No problem. Online education and teaching packages? Web Estate Agents has got you covered!

Professional grade hosting is included with each website, along with the domain name and domain name service (DNS) management. There is nothing for you to worry about, and no technical geek speak for you to learn or mess with. Our standard website management package takes care of all the basics. The site is fully set up, online, and ready for you to move in.

Even standard SEO and social media interfacing is part of your website package. There may be specific things you will want or need from time to time but your new Web Estate Agents' website comes equipped with everything a website needs to get you started, and more. And your website is extendable right from the get-go. You won't be left behind!

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Domain Names

Web Estate Agents no longer handles domain names for sale, although we will help you obtain your own domain name if you need one.. At this time the only domain names we regularly handle are those associated with the individual rental properties. Those domain names are an integral part of the website rental property and are available only with the associated rental.

If you already have you own domain name but you would like to use with one of our rental properties we can arrange the necessary configuration. Please get in touch with us through the Contact link in the main navigation menu above. We will be glad to discuss your specific needs. A slightly longer setup time may be required depending on the nature of your custom needs.

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