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At this time Web Estate Agents is no longer handling third party domain sales. For this reason we will only have a limited number of domains listed here. You may purchase from those domains listed here and transfer the domain name to your own registrar. We will provide all reasonable help with this process.

Should you find one you wish to purchase, make payment through PayPal (you can use PayPal balance, accepted credit card, or bank transfer (draft). When the PayPal notification is received we will contact you through your PayPal email address to give you instructions on transferring the domain name to your service. If you wish us to use a different email address to contact you, please include it in the notes section of the payment.

Should more than one person purchase the domain the first to clear PayPal will receive the domain and others will be refunded. Note that there are no refunds for successful domain name purchases unless the domain is no longer available for transfer. Make up your mind before purchasing. By transacting through PayPal you agree to these terms and you agree presentation of this statement will settle any disputes in our favor.

All domains listed below are standard domains, currently registered, and available for transfer. We make no representation or guarantee of suitability for any specific purpose for which you wish to put the domain you purchase. You will need to pay for the transfer fee to your domain registrar of choice. This is usually just the next year of registration. You will usually receive any remaining current registration months with the transfer.

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