PRESS RELEASE July 27, 2016

WizardsPlace Information & Service Site for WordPress Users Opens Premium Content To All Visitors.

A major player in the world of WordPress, WizardsPlace offers premium services and extensive information for WordPress website and blog users. Until now, most of the available information, including videos, courses, and workshops, was accessible only through paid membership access. A huge change in this restriction is taking place now.

WizardsPlace already has, and will continue to acquire, large amounts of important, informative, information and training for WordPress users. I have been wanting to make this information more readily available to anyone and everyone and, in the spirit of the open source concept, and so many who give so much of themselves to the WordPress community, I am bringing this content from behind the membership barrier and making it available to all site visitors," Rev. Stephen B. Henry said yesterday.

What's Included?

The released material includes all video tutorials, all self-study courses, all workshops and other trainings, and hundreds of blog posts, information pages, and downloadable documents that were previously only available through premium memberships. Steve says he will continue to invest in the site and add new material regularly. He intends, he says, to add even more and keep up with WordPress updates.

If you haven't visited WizardsPlace yet, now is certainly the time. You should go back again if you have already been there and be sure you are signed up for the newsletter and email notifications when new content is added.

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