On this page we answer some of your questions about our policies and services. Please feel free to send questions through our Contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

Q: I see some rental properties, which had no sale price listed, have been SOLD. How is this?

A: We are open to purchase offers on most of the web properties we handle.

Q: I am interested in one of the web properties but you are asking more than I am prepared to pay. Will you consider an offer?

A: Of course. That doesn't mean we'll accept it but we may... and it never hurts to ask.

Q: How long am I committed for when I rent one of your websites?

A: 30 days. You can cancel your rental subscription at any time from withing your own PayPal account without notice or penalty. There are no refunds for monthly payments already made.

Q: I would like to rent one of your sites but do I have to take your service package?

A: Our rental properties, and the services bundled with them, are clearly outlined in the individual listings. While we will consider any offer, including changes in terms of service, generally the listings are indicative our first and last position.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: For our rental properties a PayPal account is required. You do not need to keep an account balance if you fund your account from an acceptable alternate payment source such as a bank account (e-check) or credit card.

Note that we do not have access to your PayPal account, your bank account, or your credit card information, nor can we apply charges you have not approved. PayPal is simply the best payment processor for our rental subscriptions, keeping you fully in control.

For purchase properties we will consider and review any payment method you prefer, including legitimate escrow services. All third party fees for such services are your responsibility.

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